My life has been revolving about nature, birds in particular, since I can remember. What may have started as a rather unusual children's pastime with watching garden birds after school in my hometown Graz, Austria, turned into a life-defining pursuit.


After a short but heavy teenage intermezzo as a rarity-chasing twitcher, I turned towards ornithology and studied conservation at the University of Vienna.


My ornithological life at present turns around various facets of birdwatching, guiding, writing, film-making, conservation and ornithology, BirdLife Austria's Avifaunistic Committee and bird ringing.


Photography accompanies me nearly as long as does birdwatching. My current photographic work mostly aims at documenting natural history and travel, but the artistic aspiration is constantly rising. Images haven been and are being published in various media around the world.


Being born in a family of printers, graphic design and layout have been influencing my work at all time.

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courtesy of Martin Tesar
courtesy of Martin Tesar