Europe's Rarest Tern

The harbour of Funchal on the island of Madeira (Portugal) is known to be a good place to see Roseate terns / Rosenseeschwalben (Sterna dougallii). This species is sometimes slightly boastfully dubbed "Europe's rarest seabird" (what about Zino's petrel?) but it surely takes the title of Europe's rarest tern.

During my time on the island, I saw 2-5 individuals (one pair with two chicks and one additional adult), whenever I visited the area between 2. and 9. August 2018. The Roseate terns usually gathered on wavebreakers in the eastern part of the harbour, together with up to 30 Common terns / Flussseeschwalben (Sterna hirundo). The adults spent much time fishing, while the two juveniles where waiting there to be fed, only sometimes flying short rounds in the harbour.